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Our projects

The Foundation supports projects proposed and managed by HE Space employees.
Support is given in the form of financial backing of up to €5,000, and advice on issues of organisation and budget.

An important part of the employee scheme is the requirement that the employee presents a project with a defined ‘head’ and ‘tail’, to ensure proper follow through and that the employee gets the full experience of project management.

On the right hand side you can choose to see the projects as tiles or on the world map.

Childfriendly education Nepal

Supporting child-centred education in Nepal

Improving the quality of education in rural primary schools is a long-term effort. I...

Autism centre, Pakistan

Supporting an Autism Centre

We will start to support a specialised centre where children with autism and learnin...

Bicycles for Nyabondo, Kenya

Computers and bicycles for St. Anne’s Girls Boarding school

The HE Space Children’s Foundation has supported several projects with the Dutch non...

2022 Anjali House new computers
Cambodia, Siem Reap

Computers for Anjali House

Anjali House now provides supplementary education for nearly 270 students.


Emergency Relief Philippine

This was the first emergency operation HESCF ever organised and it went well. We wer...

classroom Romania

Reach for the stars

How to do your homework when their is no space at home? The HE Space Children's Foun...

South Africa

Space Data for Students

The HE Space Children's Foundation wants to support students in the use space data. ...


Astronomy Project With Unawe

Now concluded, the Universe Awareness Project in Timor-Leste was a partnership with ...


Food for Thought

Without food children can't function and grow up healthy. Therefore the HE Space Chi...


Niños De Guatemala

HE Space Children's Foundation started with supporting 11 young boys to go to school...


Summer School in Myanmar

The English Summer School for kids classes began on March 10.


Supporting a Student via Kidshelp Kambodscha E.v.

Kidshelp Kambodscha e.V. started a study sponsorship programme for high school gradu...