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Building a New Nursery

St. Davids school was just a living room where 126 students received their education. Something needed to change. The new school will provide 136 children with modern facilities like electricity and toilets with running water and a flushing toilet for the teachers, a playground for the children, modern spacious classrooms, an office with storage for the headmaster with a computer and light for administration.

This project is proposed by HE Space employee Carin Krabbendam and managed by the Stichting Gambia en Polen. The project managers are a Dutch couple called Lizet Mols and Dick Schildkamp. They are organising projects in both Gambia and Poland since 2008. Their foundation is focusing on providing better education. In 2015 we supported them to build the Jarju school. Both the St. Davids Nursery and the Jarju school are situated in one of the poorest districts of Serrekunda, not the capital of Gambia but the largest city with by far the most inhabitants. A large proportion of all children can not go to school because the parents can not afford it.


The Jarju school is very succesfull and the amount of pupils  has increased in the past 2 years increased from 180 up to 276 children. The teachers have now 3 morning and 2 afternoon classes because of the amount of children. Having renovated 3 schools and build the Jarju school  and following up the maintenance of the schools provides them with a wealth of experience to start building this new school. The HE Space Children's Foundation provided the necessary funds to complete the build connecting the school to water and electricity, building the new gates, a playgarden etc. On the picture below you see headmaster Mr. Bangura posing for the new school gates.

man gate