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South Africa

Space Data for Students

The HE Space Children's Foundation wants to support students in the use space data. Access to relevant and recent Earth Observation data, both for educational and for research (PhD students) purposes, remains a primary challenge for the universities because the internet connections into and inside Africa are generally very poor. In 2015 and 2016 the HE Space Children’s Foundation set up EUMETCast receiving stations in Zimbabwe and Mozambique now we will continue this effort in South Africa.

The EUMETCast receiving stations in Zimbabwe and Mozambique are now fully operational. The university in Zimbabwe is intensively using this data while Mozambique is still in the data-exploration phase.
As the initiative is gathering momentum in the region, our HE Space colleague and project manager Geert Borstlap, working as a Data Processing Systems and Applications Engineer at EUMETSAT, was contacted by a lecturer from the University of Limpopo in South Africa with a similar request. This time we will set up a EUMETCast receiving station at the University of Limpopo, located in Sovenga, South Africa. It should be operational in 2017.

To follow the progress of this project we advise you to follow the projects blog.