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Get involved

There are various ways you can get involved with the HE Space Children’s Foundation. You can make donations towards specific projects, or to partner with us or volunteer your time and expertise. We welcome all! Read below for the various options, and click through to learn more. We look forward to hearing from you!


Donate any amount, whether it be a one-time gift or direct debit, and give a child the opportunity to live their dream. You have the option to choose what project your funds go towards. Whether you prefer one of our newer projects, or long-term programmes, we welcome any and all support!

How to donate

2011 Charity Gala
Charity Gala 2011


As we are a constantly growing foundation with several projects on the go at all times, a lot needs to be done to run the organisation, manage the programmes and raise funds to realise our objectives. Please get in touch with us if you are interested, or have an idea as to how you could help us!

2018 Alec Sonmez space education at orphanage Belarus
Alec Sonmez provided space education at an orphanage in Belarus

Longer programmes

In addition to our employee projects, the Foundation always has one or two longer running programmes as well. Most of these are HESCF initiatives, rather than employee projects, and tend to be cyclical in nature. Should you decide to donate to us, you can specify which project you would like your funds to go to.

Nosy Komba at ESTEC
Supporting Sunshine in Nosy Komba

Propose a project

HE Space employees can propose a project that aims at improving the quality of education in a developing country. Once approved, the employee will become Project Manager, and will be provided with financial and logistical support by the Foundation.

Find more information here on how to propose a project

Flyer propose a project for employees

Partner with us

Could you or your organisation partner with HESCF? We are big believers in the power of cooperation, and working together to get things done in the most efficient way. Our various partners run the gamut of services, whether that be financial support, manpower, or supplies.

Tools at work-Betuwe Worldwide at work for Kenya
Tools being revised for a school in Kenya