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Healthy Children Learn More

Preventing disease by providing toilets and teaching about hygiene.

We are pleased to announce that a new project has started. Adriana Gonzalez and former employee Agata Kubik will coordinate support for the Cambodia Children for Educational Center Organization (CamCEC). The Cambodia Children for Educational Center Organization (CamCEC) was founded in May 2013. It has the objective to provide English lessons and encourage the villagers and their children to get involved in education at least an hour per day rather than working hard all day on the rice fields. All the kids in the surroundings work in farming, and thanks to CamCEC they can attend a free elementary English class. Unfortunately hygiene is a huge problem in the area, children are not used to using toilets having none at home nor at school. There is a high risk of diseases being transferred by insects from biological waste. Therefore we are going to address this basic problem by providing toilets, so that children can learn to use it and get at least the basis for their knowledge on hygiene.

The illustration is the plan for the new toilets. The toilet building will have a water tank on top.