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Practical Training With Computers and Tools

Together with Dutch organisation Stichting Betuwe Wereldwijd/Tools4change (BWW/T4C) we will provide computers and tools to the Murera Community Empowerment and Support Organization (MCESO).They will use these to train marginalized orphans and vulnerable children at the local primary schools in Ruiru district so they get a better education and more opportunities on the job market.

The main focus of the project will be on providing the necessary computers, tools and machines to improve their vocational training capacity and to meet the challenges that they face in running the center. Murera Community Empowerment and Support Organization (MCESO) is a community based Kenyan NGO that aims to support and empower orphans and other vulnerable children in the Ruiru district through providing care, education and training, MSECO started in 2003.

MCESO have requested the following items: 30 computers, 30 different types of sewing machines such as electric and manual, tools to furbish a classroom for giving lessons to 20 students in the vocations of carpentry, metal and construction.

Stichting Betuwe Wereldwijd/Tools4change(BWW/T4C) is a Dutch organization which was established in 1987 in order to reduce unemployment. In the Netherlands we have a sheltered workshop of approximately 45 people. We provide a platform for acquiring new skills and expand the chances of them getting back on the labour market. At the same time, people with disabilities will find an environment here where they are welcomed, encouraged and supported to contribute to the global community.