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Bicycles for Nyabondo, Kenya

Computers and bicycles for St. Anne’s Girls Boarding school

The HE Space Children’s Foundation has supported several projects with the Dutch non-profit organisation Tools4Change (called Betuwe wereldwijd in Dutch).

This organisation is close to our heart because of their philosophy of sustainability and social responsibility. How does this manifest? They offer work opportunities in the Netherlands for people who would otherwise struggle to find work because of mental health conditions or special needs such as autism. They offer a safe and fitting work environment in their workshop in the Dutch Betuwe region. They are specialised in recycling and refurbishing tools like sewing machines, computers, woodworking tools, bicycles and ship them to schools in Africa. They have experience with shipping containers and arranging the transport further inland.

Our latest project, initiated by Han Wessels, HE Space Systems Engineer at ESTEC, was to supply computers and bicycles to St. Anne’s Girls Boarding Primary School in Nyabondo, in Southwest Kenya. In December 2022 the container full of goods was shipped to Mombasa and then it needed another 800 kilometers to get it to the school, about a 13 hours drive.

St. Annes is a large school with 680 pupils and aims to provide quality education. The school is a mix of a regular public day school and boarding school. With more computers, more girls and orphans of St. Anne's Primary School have an opportunity to learn computer skills, important for getting a high school degree or a job later. The bicycles are for the teachers and girls alike and will make the journey to and from school a lot easier.