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Safe Kitchen

A school kitchen that is only a stove centered in the Children's playground unprotected from wind, rain and germs. This could be improved. HE Space Children's Foundation helped Lake Victoria Islands Child Care to fund a modern kitchen for the Talemwa School so no accidents can happen and the chance of diseases is reduced.

The Talemwa Secondary School didn't have a sound kitchen to prepare porridge for the pupils at lunch and breakfast. In most cases the porridge is prepared in an open space, which pupils also use as a play area, which can easily lead to eventual accidents through burns. This also becomes very difficult to prepare the meal especially when it is a rainy season because there is no closed kitchen for the cooks to prepare a clean and descent meal for the pupils especially when the water floods. And during the dry season there is a lot of dust that mixes with the meals that being prepared. This puts the entire schools at a risk of getting diseases through the meals prepared as they are bound to absorb lots of germs from the un clean environment of dust that comes through the wind of the open space where the cooking is done. The hygiene conditions especially for the kitchen remain a big challenge for the entire school population.
Its upon this background that Lake Victoria Child-care seeks funding to construct a modern kitchen for the schools to enable them to prepare descent meals for the children, improve hygiene of the meals cooked as well as the health of the cooks and also create an enabling environment  for especially the cooks and pupils that could result into eventual accidents through burns aw well as have a clean and healthy cooking space and also preserve the environment as well which is inline with SDG 13 to protect the environment.

The open school kitchen

The pictures show the original situation and progress of the building works. 

First bricks delivered
Foundations bein laid
The building gets a roof
A new stove is installed