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2022 Anjali House new computers
Cambodia, Siem Reap

Computers for Anjali House

Anjali House now provides supplementary education for nearly 270 students.

Anjali House provides education and support to over 200 children from poor families.

The HE Space Children's Foundation has supported Anjali House since September 2020. 

Anjali House only had six working desktop computers at the beginning of the year. Therefore, the only way to conduct computer classes was to split the class in two. Half of the class would work with the computers while the other half worked on another lesson. Sometimes two students would take turns on the computer.

After receiving the funds from HESCF, they purchased an additional 12 computers. As a result, each student had 32 hours of computer class in the first quarter of the school year (December – February). This quarter, students primarily worked on basic computer skills, such as typing in both English and Khmer. We hope that their computer knowledge is deepened throughout the year. 

2022 Anjali House new computers
New computers for Anjali House