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New Computers to Surinam

The HE Space Children's Foundation will support the equipping of the new ICT room in Surinam. The computers will be purchased in the summer holiday to enable the school to kick off the new school year digitally!

There are 125 students at the school, but the students will be using the computers in groups of 14 at the time because a class consists of 14 students.
The computers will be used during the classes for History, Biology, Geography and the Spanish and English classes.
However, every teacher is free to use the computers with the students when necessary.

We have planned to purchase the computers when school closes for the holidays in August, so we can start the new school year 2014- 2015 with a fully equipped ICT unit.

Paramaribo, November 03rd 2014

Dear Mrs. Millican,

How delighted we were to receive the brand new computers from your organization the other day
We can’t thank you enough for this generous gift to us.
The pupils have had some lessons on how to use the computers and enjoy them very much.
Some have never used a computer before, but now thanks to you, they can.
We will now be able to educate our kids on a different level than they are used.
Please know how much you've helped our pupils and how much we all appreciate this wonderful gift.

Thank you  a million times over
Sending you many warm hugs from all the pupils over here

Kind regards,
Mr. Redan