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braille reading

Braille Reader for Blind Students in Suriname

The National Foundation for Blind Care Suriname (NSBS) is an organization dedicated to people with a visual impairment regardless of age, religion etc. With the help of a professional team, visually impaired children and adults are guided to function as independently as possible in society. The Children's Foundation supported the NSBS by donating 2 braille readers.

One of the students of the NSBS IT department receives instruction for the new Braille display. With the donation of two new braille NSBS now has three of these important tools for the blind and visually impaired children.

This new braille displays provide access to information on the  computer screen for blind and visually impaired children. When the pupils move  the cursor around on the screen, different combinations of pins in braille cells, are electronically raised and lowered on the display. One of the advantages of braille displays is that the pupils can check their spelling.

Especially for children who are visually impaired, ICT is very important. It provides them with an opportunity to be part of the world. It also helps them to study. There is software to convert text on the screen in spoken text so the children can communicate. Children (and also adults) who to know how to read and write braille, can use a very specific tool which converts text on the screen to braille. At NSBS children as well as adults are trained to use the computer so they can really be part of the world. It is essential for their development, education and study.

On the 2nd and 3rd photo :
The presentation of the two new - by HE Space sponsored braille - the NSBS .
In the photo : Mrs. N. Hanenberg , director of NSBS , Elly van Lierop , a volunteer at NSBS and Mr. Chris van Daal, Head of ICT NSBS .