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School to School

This project is dedicated to improving the quality of education in the rural villages Jutepani and Hakpara in Nepal’s southern Terai.

Education and access to good education is influenced by many factors. The educational background of teachers and parents, the motivation of teachers to educate children, understanding the importance of education for the future of children, the materials available in classrooms… all these elements affect the quality of education.
The project “From school to school” aims at improving these factors by involving the many parties involved in education: parents, teachers and children, but also the entire school community, village environment, and the educational authorities. This will be done through teacher trainings on motivation, knowledge, attitudes and skills, but also by organising training for the parents and school management committees and by entering into a dialogue with local and national educational authorities.
This project is led by the Centre for Educational Policies and Practices (find them on Facebook) and with the support of the Belgian non-profit organisation BIKAS .