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Create a Future by Making Dreams Come True

This project where we work with ADNM, the fostering family foundation from Israel, offers foster children with special needs a chance to make their dreams come true

E.D.N.M. is a social entrepreneurial organization that provides services for people with special needs for the last 30 years. One of our main goals is to increase the number of foster families in Israel, that will provide a safe and nurturing home for children & youth who deserves an equal chance for happy and stable childhood.

Foster family provides care to children that cannot grow alongside their parents for a variety of reasons. Unfortunately, Israel today suffers from small amount of foster families while the mount of children waiting for family is much larger. 

E.D.N.M. takes care of over 100 foster kids all across Israel. These children come from wracked homes and have encountered many difficulties during their short lives.  Upon their arrival to a foster family, they need to adjust to their new environment and norms.

To create a real change in the adjustment of foster kids to their environment, and securing a bright future we have developed an idea for a program that will "Create a future by making dreams come true ".

By taking a kids' passion and nurturing it, we can make a real change in the course of their lives.