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Extra Computer Facilities for Primary School Pupils

The Bridge is open after normal school hours to younger children for library based lessons and exercises. Also children who cannot normally attend school for financial or domestic reasons attend at this time.

ServeDirect opened The Bridge in November 2012, next to Wobulenzi Town Academy. The Bridge was opened to give booster lessons to help local children in Primary Education pass the Primary Leaving Exam (PLE) – giving them access to Secondary Education. Without a pass at PLE, children are not allowed to continue to Secondary level.

The vast majority of Primary aged children have no access to a computer. There are no computers available in any of the local Primary Schools that The Bridge works with, for the children to use. Additionally, the Primary teachers themselves have little or no access to a computer for work or research purposes.
HESCF supports the installation of 6 computer workstations within the library at The Bridge, to give access and training to both the Primary teachers and their pupils. The project  includes providing internet access for wider access to learning and interactive resources.