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Beds and Tutoring

HE Space Children's Foundation provided Nav Jeevan Children’s Home in Karnataka with 25 beds along with mattresses, pillows and bed sheets, beds and two computers.


The children attend a local school, where class sizes of more than 50 result in little educational support for the children. The home has identified that lack of individual attention is impeding the children’s progress and that additional educational support is required.

A lack of access to computers for the children also means that they are lacking in the essential skills needed for the modern workplace. Therefore we support two teachers for tutoring at the Home and have provided funds for two computers.

"Earlier our children had to sleep congested in a single bed, but now they have got brand new cots, beds and pillow for individual. We have got 2 full time tutors for our Nav Jeevan children home, who look after all the activities for the children." Dr. Sybil Salins