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UNICEF Business Buddies

Since 2021 the HE Space Children's Foundation is Business Buddies with UNICEF.

UNICEF approached us and we decided to join their Business Buddies programme and we started supporting two projects:

  1. "Plastic Bricks" in Ivory Coast; a comprehensive project where women collect plastic and get paid for this. This way they have already collected 2 thousand tons of plastic. They can sell this plastic and earn money. The collected plastic is made into bricks to built a school, see movie Plastic Bricks.
  2. "Can’t Wait to Learn" in Sudan, where kids are being taught on the fly on laptops (as they don’t have enough schools). The laptops run with solar panels. Kids can learn reading and writing on them.

At the moment we are still supporting the Plastic Bricks project.

Certificate Business Buddies 2023