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UNICEF ambassador hands over plastic brick

Recycling plastic to build schools

In Cote D’ivoire more than two million girls and boys don’t attend school and it has huge environmental problems. In an innovative approach both problems are tackled by recycling plastic into bricks for schools.

From plastic waste to schools was an idea that exactly fitted within the scope of our HE Space Children’s Foundation. It’s a project that works on many levels; more schools and better education for the children while taking care of the environment and providing work for the local community.  
Local women are trained on which plastic is suitable for recycling. They are paid for the plastic waste they collect. This plastic waste is recycled in a special factory where the local women are making the plastic bricks. The plastic bricks are then used to build schools again providing work for the local community. 

On 4 June we received a visit from UNICEF ambassadors as the HESCF is part of the Business Buddies programme. They handed us a smaller version of the plastic brick. If you are ever over in the Noordwijk office you can check out the brick for yourself. 
They  gave us an update about the current status of the project. The goal is to build 528 schools, currently 329 have been realized. The recycled plastic is now also used for the roofing tiles, foundations and even for school furniture. All the projects are organized closely together with the local community. UNICEF is working on extending the project to Ghana, Benin and Guinea Bissau. We hope this project is successfully introduced here as well.


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