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After school Education

Laptop Computers for Underprivileged Students at the Jaffa Institute's Afterschool Educational Enrichment Centers for At-Risk Youth.

The HE Space Children's Foundation continues to support the Jaffa Institute this time with laptop comuters to facilitate individualized software-based learning for ​disadvantaged youth.

The Jaffa Institute operates in some of the most deprived and poverty-stricken areas in Israel where an unfortunate 50% of the population lives below the poverty line and 30% regularly receives local welfare services. These staggering statistics, combined with high unemployment rates, make these areas particularly vulnerable to instances of crime, drug and alcohol abuse, and violence. Moreover, many families experience significant nutritional insecurity. This socioeconomic distress translates into educational gaps, with 53% of the children dropping out of school before completing the 12th grade. Furthermore, with after-school hours being the peak time for juvenile crimes and risky behavior, the lack of supervision during these hours may endanger the safety or future prospects of the children in our service area. These children are in dire need of educational enrichment opportunities and would benefit greatly from educational software targeted to address the gaps in their education​.

One of the primary ways that the Jaffa Institute provides underprivileged children with access to high quality education is through our ​After-School Educational Enrichment Centers​.