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From the street to School -Laughter Africa

Living on the street poses many dangers for Children. Laughter Africa makes sure children can get into a family environment and get an education.

This project focussed on the advancement of education for children living on the streets in Sierra Leone. These children face many dangers while living on the streets, including violence, rape, police brutality, sexual exploitation, hunger and sexually-transmitted diseases (including HIV). The project was facilitated through Laughter Africa, a charitable organisation based in Freetown, Sierra Leone, whose aim is to bring about positive change in these children’s lives. Laughter Africa encourages children to leave the streets by reunifying them in a safe, supportive family environment, and covering the cost of their education. In collaboration with Laughter Africa, this project supported over 50 children to attend school, through paying for their school fees, and supplying them with any additional equipment and support they may need.

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