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Team Up with UNAWE to Improve Children’s Education Worldwide

HE Space Children's Foundation is delighted to announce the beginning of a new partnership with the UNAWE!

EU-Unaw Iris Nijman and Heleen van der Plas and Barbara ten Berge at ESTEC open day 2013

Promote Space education

Together the two programmes will work to promote space education in school curricula all over the world, based on a shared vision that education is the greatest asset a child can acquire to ensure opportunities for a better life. The new cooperation will use the beauty and grandeur of the Universe to inspire young children, particularly those from underprivileged backgrounds such as orphans and homeless children, and encourage them to develop an interest in science and technology.

First project together

Although the partnership between UNAWE and the HE Space Children's Foundation is a recent development, the two programmes first collaborated in 2012, when the Foundation supported a project organised by UNAWE in Timor-Leste, a country in South-East Asia. The project took place during the Transit of Venus, a spectacular once-in-a-lifetime occurrence that could be seen from very few regions around the world,one of which was Timor-Leste. The country is relatively young and had never before been introduced to astronomy. The events held as part of this project were tremendously successful at engaging localadults and children and getting them excited about space science; 3800 people attended the observation event alone!

New Cooperation

With this new cooperation the programmes hope to continue the success of Timor-Leste on a wide-range of future endeavours. To begin with, UNAWE will be providing a Universe in a Box  educational toolkit to each project supported by the HE Space Children's Foundation.

If you have a project that sounds like it shares common goals with the Foundation, you can apply for support by emailing: btenberge(at)hespace.com.