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HE Space Children’s Foundation achievements in 2013

2013 has been a successful year for the HE Space Children's Foundation. We kicked off 5 new employee projects and continued to support the existing projects.

New employee projects
In 2013 the following employees have successfully started their projects:

  • India - Supporting pupils with beds, desks and computers and education, initiated by James Carpenter
  • Bali - First phase of project has just finished providing books, sports equipment and cupboards, initiated by Natacha Callens, more information on their Facebook page.
  • Guatemala - Supporting 11 young boys to go to school. The good news is that they have all finished their school year with good reports! Initiated by Ana Isabel Heemskerk
  • Philippines- This was the first emergency operation HESCF ever organised and it went well. We were able to support 100 families with all the basic needs. Initiated by Cristina Espino
  • India-  this project was initiated by several employees and is managed by Raffaella Pappalardo. It will provide a communication studio to teach the pupils to report about their situation.

We also continued with:

  • Brazil – Supporting a  school and nursery school with drinking water fountain, school materials and equipment for the playground. Initiated by Carolina Nogueira-Loddo. Carolina also organised a bookfair at Eumetsat in Darmstadt to raise extra funds.
  • Burundi- Supporting a school with computer equipment. This project started in 2012 and the equipment finally arrived the day before Sinterklaas. Initiated by James Carpenter
  • Wobulenzi Town Academy – Improving Science by supporting teacher, laboratory assistant and laboratory equipment – By Jerry Dugdale

With EU- Awareness we work together to provide the Universe in a Box educational material to all our previous and current projects.